[Goanet-News] Jesus Christ Superstar... goes brass!
Frederick Noronha
2018-07-10 19:51:34 UTC
AUDIO: https://archive.org/details/rui-lobo-concert-2018

Jesus Christ Superstar... goes brass!
by Garden Central Music Studio recorded by Aren Noronha

Garden Central Music Studio presents this brass instrumental concert
to "promote the beautiful and majestic sound which is unique to this
family of instruments." This event is held in Goa every year on July
10, to celebrate the birthday of one of its mentors, John Humphries,
who is an authority on French Horn. It also happens to be the
birthday of Rui Lobo, the director of their school, Garden Central
Music Studio.

This time the focus was on the extraordinary music of the Rock Opera,
Jesus Christ Superstar, written especially for brass orchestra with
percussion and electric bass.

Some of the finest brass musicians of Goa like Nolvert Cotta, Semy
Braganza, Senon de Souza, were supported on percussion by ace drummer
Lester Godinho and Goa's ace of bass Roque Lazarus. A few musicians
from Mumbai also played some of the rarer brass instruments like the
tuba, French horn and trombone.

Contact Rui Lobo, IIT-ian turned music teacher to many in Goa, via
***@yahoo.com or +91-9860738612.

Publication date 2018-07-10

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AUDIO: https://archive.org/details/rui-lobo-concert-2018

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