[Goanet-News] Konkani Wiktionary - A free collaborative online dictionary
Denzil Simoes
2018-12-01 20:18:18 UTC
Netizens have for long lamented the absence of a good online Konkani dictionary, especially in the Romi script. There may soon change as there are plans to have a free comprehensive Konkani dictionary available for use on the internet, but you (yes, you!) have to help build it.
A group of Konkani lovers have come together to create a Konkani Wiktionary. Wiktionary is an online project hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation based on the same concepts behind Wikipedia: online collaboration and free knowledge. It’s no surprise, therefore, that many of the people currently involved on the Konkani Wiktionary are drawn from the Konkani Wikipedia community. They envisage a dictionary that will have definitions from Konkani to Konkani and also translations into other languages, and also entries from other languages into Konkani. The dictionary can also support all scripts. This vastness is possible, because an online dictionary does not suffer from the constraints of volume and weight of a printed book.
To make these plans a reality, however, requires the participation and contributions of as many people as possible. The project is currently being hosted on Wikimedia’s ‘Incubator’. If the Wikimedia Foundation is convinced that there is an active community that will make this project viable in the long-term, they will approve a dedicated website for the Konkani Wiktionary.
So whenever you have 15 minutes to spare, visit the Konkani Wiktionary in the Incubator and add an entry:
You can interact with, and get guidance from, the Konkani Wiktionary community by joining the WhatsApp group: