Dr Carmo D'Souza, a professor of law and a writer on Goa
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Frederick Noronha
2018-07-06 10:59:55 UTC
In this (first of three-part interview), Dr Carmo D'Souza talks about
some of the books he wrote, how he managed to make these viable, how
he went about getting these works out.... and the response his work
got. Is Goa a supportive place for the creative individual? Listen to
one of the few who took the risks. Dr Carmo talks about the social
change in Calangute, how the early hippies reached this then
fishing-village (the first place in Goa where they landed, in the
early 1960s). Sixty-nine-year-old Dr D'Souza, coping with the
challenges of Parkinson's, talks about the social mores of those
times, as he remembers it. The challenges of quickly changing over
languages (Marathi-Portuguese-English, in his case) in the Goa of
around 1961. How he got a boost in writing, at Don Bosco's, Panjim.
And the Goan writers he knew .... and who influenced his work. Contact
Carmo D'Souza carmodsouza at gmail.com

PhD and Dr Carmo D'Souza: the Portuguese legal system in Goa pre-1961 (2/3)
In this part (2/3), Dr Carmo talks about his PhD (in law), his ideas
of promoting research on Goa-related subjects, that (many) gaps that
today's Goa leaves in its research, some of his influential teachers
who left their mark on him, his work he feels is still incomplete
(despite doing so much), why Goa's historic documents should be open
and accessible today, and even touches on the "around 15" books he

Dr Carmo D'Souza... a close-up of his 15 books
An author and professor, Dr Carmo talks about his writing... in quite
some detail. A close up of all his books.

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