[Goanet-News] The state of the State (Prabhakar Timble, The Goan Everyday)
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2018-11-20 19:44:19 UTC
The state of the State

Goa's current political cabinet
ostensibly under the comatose
leadership of Parrikar will be
the first infamous wonder of
parliamentary democracy

Prabhakar Timble | 20th November 2018

Prabhakar Timble

The abusive and offensive way, in which the cabinet form of
parliamentary democracy functions in Goa has no parallel in
the constitutional history of India, regarded as the mansion
of the world's largest democracy. The Goa mode of political
executive with a headless and invisible CM has also no rival
in the modern political history of the world.

Goa's current political cabinet ostensibly under
the comatose chief ministerial leadership of
Manohar Parrikar will be the first infamous wonder
of parliamentary democracy. A petite State of forty
reasonably literate MLAs constituting the State
Legislature, a populace of around 15 lakh admired
for their social harmony and liberal lifestyle and
over-saturated organized media presence are
engineering the death of parliamentary democracy
through their silence and inaction.

Scene 1

The Chief Minister is invisible for over four months. It's no
longer the state of ailing and ill health. The situation is
of irreversible coma, though no official sources are prepared
to confirm. The pilot of the cabinet is unable to recognize,
read, write, instruct, order and consent.

Under such circumstances, even any delegation of authority by
the present incumbent would not be a valid delegation as it
is hit by the vice of lack of competency. Yet, the public is
fed that the CM is handling the constitutional duties along
with 35 portfolios. There is no clue on the
extra-constitutional machinery or coterie handling the duties
and obligations of the head of the cabinet.

Scene 2

The ministers who comprise the state cabinet are criticizing
and attacking their own government. This is constitutional
blasphemy and unacceptable. The Minister for Revenue and
Information Technology is on record that the administration
is not functioning and that the bureaucracy is misusing the
CM's health. The TCP Minister joins to echo the same tune.
The Health Minister takes the ‘Suo Motu' decision to ban fish
imports from neighboring states without any cabinet
consultation. The Minister for PWD washes the woes and
demands in the media. MLAs are demanding an audience with the
CM to discuss their issues.

The silence of the Chief Minister is no longer an
enigma. The cabinet is headless in theory and
practice. It is a clear indication that the
constitutional machinery and collective
responsibility has collapsed. There is no
constitutional government in the State. What is
paraded is 'fake' government and governance through
connivance of few bureaucrats directly reporting to
the BJP national high-command.

Scene 3

All along it looked that the Governor of Goa was pretending
to be blind and deaf, working at the complete behest of the
national leadership of BJP. With the more recent state of
affairs, it would not be wrong to conclude that the incumbent
to the office of the Governor is indeed lacking credentials
to occupy the august constitutional post.

The Governor is under an oath not only to defend the law and
constitution but also to work for the well-being of the
people of the State. When the entire constitutional machinery
collapses, it is the bounden duty of the Governor at least to
make relevant moves and assessment. The Governor seems to be
content in the ivory tower with no interest even to make
minimum inquiries to maintain the dignity and decorum of the
constitutional office.

Scene 4

There is no voice in the press demanding an audience with the
Chief Minister. If access was blocked on grounds of health,
it would be a different matter. It is evident that the iron
wall is raised to hide the current health status of the Chief

Fake news about health is released by CMO for public
consumption. The people are intelligent to understand that
the news released about Chief Minister conducting meetings
and granting approvals is equally fake. If the bureaucrats
from all-India cadres are celebrating such low levels of
unprofessionalism, ethics and morals, it's a sad commentary
of what was envisaged to be the steel frame of India and
hence granted constitutional protection, privileges and

Scene 5

As we know, social media can be used and abused. The comments
about the Chief Minister due to the stubborn attitude are
spoiling the social harmony and the cultural values that Goa
and Goans have always espoused. The reality could be
different. The Chief Minister might have really relinquished
the Chair, not knowing that the business is still conducted
under his name by chosen bureaucrats and the coterie of BJP

The BJP social media soldiers were on the offensive
in the initial stages indulging in character
assassination of those who demanded change in
leadership. Probably, realizing the status today,
they are adopting a defensive approach of
propagating social welfare schemes and
infrastructure works during the reign of the Chief Minister.

Under the present circumstances, if the BJP does not act, it
is for the Governor and the MLAs to take affirmative action.
The Governor is also failing the constitutional position.

There is no point for the cabinet ministers and MLAs to make
a drama to win public confidence by airing criticism against
the government before the media. The people can read through
this game. If they feel they are accountable to the people,
they need to knock the doors of the Governor and shake this
constitutional authority from its either pretended or
ignorant slumber.


Courtesy: The Goan Everyday