Act4Goa: an initiative to get things off the ground in Goaaah!
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Frederick Noronha
2018-09-09 08:15:39 UTC
AUDIO: https://archive.org/details/act4goa

It started as a discussion and is now an experiment in problem-solving,
networking and bringing people together to propel change for the good. The
group is called Act4Goa and grew out of one of the Green Goa dialogues and
learning events that have been happening around campaigners like Joanna
Pyres, architect Dean D'Cruz and others.
Joanna wrote to say recently: "We have been following up on many of the
good ideas generated and would like to share with you a new initiative
called Act4Goa - enabling informed action for Goa's sustainable
development. We are presenting what Act4Goa is on Monday, September 3,
2018, at 7.30 at 6 Assagao (an alternative discussion space in Assgao, Goa)
and would love your feedback and inputs at this critical time of the
projects development." This is a recording of the presentation there,
recorded by Frederick Noronha.

[Contact for Joanna Pyres joannapyres at gmail.com. She is a co-founder of
CircleWallahs www.circlewallas.net/green-pathways-to-prosperity/
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Association www.partnershipbrokers.org Associate, The Partnering Initiative
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AUDIO: https://archive.org/details/act4goa

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